Corinne da Silva

Business Development Manager - National

Corinne is a seasoned professional in the field of financial planning, holding a Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning (CFP). She has over three decades of specialised expertise in employee benefits including fund administration.

For the last two decades, Corinne has been a Group Risk Specialist. Throughout her career, she has nurtured strong client relationships, demonstrating an exceptional ability to resolve complex problems while maintaining trust and dependability.

With her extensive experience, outstanding marketing abilities, and passion for people, she aims to inspire growth throughout the organisation.

Corinne leads and manages a highly talented national team of business development consultants, and marketing, pricing, and installation experts, working together towards achieving JIGSAW’s overarching vision.

During her downtime, you’ll find her enjoying time with family, getting lost in books, and exploring Cape Town’s beautiful beaches. She also spends her time on charitable causes, like The Compassionate Friends of Cape Town, which is close to her heart.

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