Telmo Rodrigues

Chief Executive Officer

Telmo Rodrigues is the imaginative mind and visionary leader guiding the JIGSAW team. Holding a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Business Management, Telmo has a profound mastery of navigating complex financial terrains with ease. His dedication, perseverance, and can-do attitude challenge the status quo, inspiring those around him to break through barriers.

Telmo has a track record of successfully launching new businesses and products, as well as turning around established businesses, leading them to greater success. His expertise lies in operations, with a strong focus on enhancing the overall client experience.

With his wealth of experience spanning complex domains such as investment, wealth management, health, and life insurance, Telmo’s modest nature and deep understanding of what it takes to build a winning team has allowed JIGSAW to navigate challenges with resilience, while embracing unique opportunities.

Telmo is a family man who takes pleasure in travelling with his loved ones, especially relishing hikes in the Drakensberg Mountains, a place that nourishes his soul and brings equilibrium. Additionally, he has a passion for both playing music and cooking.

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